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Lesbos, life jackets

See five collections. The first four are documentary style and the final one is a selection of favourites from my time as a newspaper photojournalist.


Helping out on Lesbos
Published by Deutsche Welle in 2016.


Argan: Morocco’s Tree of Life
Published by Morocco World News in 2014.

“Tap, tap, crack. Tap, tap, crack. The sound of argan nuts being split open between smooth river stones continues in a repetitive beat. Tap, tap, crack. Three barefoot Berber women are propped up with cushions, sitting cross-legged, as they go through the motions. Beside them are baskets brimming with argan pieces — the fruit casings, discarded shells and prized kernels — picked from the ‘Tree of Life’, a spiny evergreen, endemic to southwest Morocco.”


Mine action

This collection includes photos documenting communities affected by landmines and cluster munitions in Cambodia and Laos. You will also find images of campaigners lobbying against retrograde humanitarian law at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. This work was undertaken for Safe Ground and Norwegian People’s Aid.


Cambodia’s ‘hill of the precious stones’

Clumps of rust-coloured soil cling to the skin and clothes of miners in Ratanakiri, a far-flung province in northeastern Cambodia. Ratanakiri’s volcanic red-earth holds hidden treasures, a fact revealed in the translation of its name — ‘gem mountain’.

See story here.


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